Travel Support Process FY 2012


  • On each state team up to 4-5 self-advocates can be provided travel supports.  stack of dollarsWhen your team turns in their roster these 4-5 individuals must be identified.
  •  Your state team will need to select ONE person to communicate travel logistics for the team members needing support (this person does not have to be a team member, for example it could be an administrative assistant from the DD Council or another organization).

NACDD is pleased to announce a partnership with EST to coordinate travel for self advocates participating on State Teams attending the 2012 Self Advocacy Summits.  EST will provide an easy and coordinated process for self advocates to attend the summits.  Please note the instructions for arranging travel below.

  1. After submitting a Team Roster to Hillary Spears at AUCD, she will then forward the state team roster, via email, to EST and copy the state travel coordinator.  The state team roster will indicate those who will be receiving travel support from EST and who will be serving as the state travel coordinator.  State Teams who indicate travel logistic/support needs for up to 4-5 self-advocate members will be contacted directly by Wanda Alston from EST.  She will find out arrival and departure dates and other travel needs.
  2. After this information is received, EST will contact each person on the roster to follow-up on any additional information needed.
  3. Once EST has received all necessary information, a logistics letter will be emailed to the traveler. The state travel coordinator will be copied on all correspondence.  The logistics letter will have the hotel confirmation number and instructions on how to contact EST’s travel agent to make their own flight arrangements, at no cost to them.  The letter will also include a reimbursement form and instructions on how to claim any reimbursable expenses.
  4. The travel agent will forward a copy of the flight itinerary to the traveler and to EST.
  5. Once all arrangements for each person on the team roster have been made, a spreadsheet of the flight information and hotel confirmation numbers will be sent via email to the state travel coordinator.

stick figure holding phone with a question mark above their head

EST Contact:

Wanda Alston, EST

301-588-6046 (voice)