Instructions for Forming State Teams

Each state should develop a state team of 9-12 people, with an equal combination of self-advocates and professionals.

Click here to view a step-by-step PowerPoint of How State Teams are Formed 2012

Click here to download a Blank Team Roster (this roster is for state team co-leads to fill out and return to


Core state team members include self-advocate leaders and DD network members. Leaders of these organizations in each state will receive the invitation from ADD Commissioner Sharon Lewis to participate; however, it is not expected that the person receiving the invitation will be the person who attends. In many cases, the person receiving the invitation is in a position to identify a person within his or her organization who would be best to participate in the state team, based on their work with self-advocacy projects as well as their ability to influence state-level activities among the DD network partners. These core team members include state leaders from:

  • Self-advocacy organizations (adult + youth) (2 people)
  • Autistic Self-Advocacy organizations (1 person)
  • DD Council (1 person)
  • P&A (1 person)
  • UCEDD (1 person per UCEDD)
  • DD Services Agency (1 person)

These core state team members should collaborate to determine the 2-5 remaining team members from among:

  • Other self-advocate leaders in the state
  • Other DD organization leaders in the state (such as The Arc, United Cerebral Palsy, Autism Society, Statewide Independent Living Council, mental health or other disability organizations )

team talking togetherThere must be at least one “youth” self-advocate (under the age of 30) participating as a member of the state team. It may be difficult to limit the state team participants to 9-12; however, due to budget constraints, it is necessary to limit the size of each summit.

State teams should identify a team lead(s); a partnership between a self-advocate and professional is recommended. The team leads will be AUCD’s points of contact for communication with the team, and will coordinate team efforts in developing “state of the state” overviews to be presented at the summit. AUCD will hold webinars to assist team leads in preparing for their teams’ participation in the summit. These webinars are available on the webpage titled, “Instructions for PowerPoint Presentations”.