Instructions for PowerPoint Presentations

The purpose of creating a state power point presentation is to allow each state team to become knowledgeable experts regarding self-advocacy across their state.  By fully understanding what exists within their state the teams will then be able to share with other states the strengths and weaknesses that exist and what ideas they have about the future of self-advocacy.  There will be a total of six state teams presenting at each summit, so it is important to place a time limit of 10-minutes on each state presentation.  Any information that is not presented during the 10-minutes can be discussed later informally during small group conversations.

The directions of what must be included in your state power point presentation are listed below.  Creatively presenting your information is encouraged; please just make sure to share all of the required information within the 10-minute time frame.   AUCD will be hosting a webinar before each summit to answer additional PowerPoint questions.  Each state team will also be part of a conference call with AUCD staff to discuss specific details of the summit and questions about the state PowerPoint presentations can be discussed.

The PowerPoint presentations will be due 10 days before the summit that they will be presented at.  When you are finished with your PowerPoint presentation please e-mail a copy to  The PowerPoint presentations will all be uploaded to the website before the summit begins, so that other state teams are able to view the information.

Click here to download the state PowerPoint presentation template


Each webinar about the state team presentations will be recorded and archived here so they can be viewed and referenced.

Save the dates for the 2012 co-lead planning webinars (team co-leads will receive information closer to dates):

Click here for the recording of the Baltimore Summit Co-lead Webinar

Honolulu Summit Webinar (due to technical difficulties we have 2 versions):

Click here for the recording of the Chicago Summit Co-lead Webinar

Click here for the recording of the Seattle Summit Co-lead Webinar