Accessible Meetings and PresentationsPicture of Items Needed for Accessible Meeting

Click on “Accessible Meetings and Presentations” above to find information about accessible meetings and presentations. You will find resources for People First Language, accessible language, guides for accessible PowerPoint presentations, meetings, and conferences, Autistic access needs, and more!

Advisors, Allies, & Facilitators

Click on “Advisors, Allies, & Facilitators” above to find resources such as guides and papers written for advisors, allies, and facilitators.

Picture of People TalkingOngoing Discussions

Click on “Ongoing Discussions” above to find information and to learn about discussions that took place during past webinars and monthly listserv conversations.

Related Links for Self-Advocates

Click on “Related Links for Self-Advocates” above to find websites, recorded teleconferences, and games for Self-Advocates.

Training Modules for Self-Advocates

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The DD Act & DD Network

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