Preparing for Your Summit

checklist written on spiral notebook with pencilThis page will assist state team members prepare for their summit.  It is recommended that all team members attending the summits view the down-loadable documents, which include a summit agenda, a summit guide for self-advocates, a guide to the break-out sessions, and hotel floor plans.  This page also includes links to view each summit’s Introduction Webinar, which provides an accessible overview to each regional summit.

Important Documents to Read Before the Summit

AGENDA for the 2012 Baltimore, Chicago and Seattle summits:  This document provides the agenda for both days of the Summit.

AGENDA for Honolulu summit:  This document provides the agenda for both days of the Summit.

Self-Advocacy Summit Guide: This guide provides detailed information on the Summits.  It is meant to be used to help people know what to expect during the summit.

State Team Information on Breakout Sessions: This provides information regarding the three breakout sessions that will occur during the summit.

Information about ADD and the DD Network: This document explains the what the DD Network does and who the players are.

National Policy Cheat Sheet for Day #2: This cheat sheet will help teams know more about the national policy recommendations made by state teams in 2011.

Introduction Webinars for Summits

These webinars were created to assist in preparing self-advocates for the upcoming Self-Advocacy Summits.   They are intended not only for self-advocates  but for all  state team members attending the summits.  The webinars will be recorded and made available online afterward for you and your team to reference.

Save the dates for the 2012 summit webinars (team co-leads will receive information closer to dates):

Recording of Baltimore Summit Webinar

Recording of Honolulu Summit Webinar

Recording of Chicago Summit Webinar

Recording of Seattle Summit Webinar

To access a recording from the  2011 webinars, just click on the link: Rhode Island Summit Webinar

Hotel Floor Planshotel and buildings

Below are the links to the 2012 summit hotel floor plans:

Baltimore, MD: The Marriott Waterfront Hotel floor plan

Honolulu, HI: The Ala Moana Hotel floor plan

Chicago, IL: The Hilton O’Hare floor plan

The Seattle floor plan will be available soon.