2012 Summit Report

Valuing the vital importance of the self-advocacy movement, the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AIDD) launched an unprecedented commitment to better understand the current state of the movement, promote state team planning, and develop suggestions for national actions and policy to support the movement. In collaboration with the Developmental Disabilities network, self-advocates, and allies, a series of nine regional summits across the country were held in 2011 and 2012 to promote collaboration, planning, and recommendations at the state and national levels. Every US state and territory participated in the initiative.

This report summarizes the goals of the Self-Advocacy Summit Initiative and describes the planning, implementation, findings, outcomes, evaluation, and feedback of the events. An initial report was developed after the 2011 series of summits; this final report includes updated information gained from the summits held in 2012.

Full Self-Advocacy Summit Report

This version is the entire report which was written by Joe Caldwell, Katie Keiling Arnold and Mary Kay Rizzolo from the Institute on Disability and Human Development at The University of Illinois at Chicago.

Summary of the Self-Advocacy Summit Report

This version is a summary which was edited to be shorter in length by self-advocates, Julie Petty and Liz Weintraub.

Video of the Summary Report

This version  is a video of Liz Weintraub presenting the summary report. You can also view the video on youtube here.

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Additional Information

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